Kimono Rent

Kimono de Go provides a kimono rental service in London.
We provide a wide range of kimono to choose from. Would you like to pick your most favourite one and spend your special day with makeup, hairdressing and kimono fitting by a professional?

Price List

・Semi-Formal Kimono£100-300
・Furi-sode (long sleeved coming of age Kimono)£100-300
・Tome-sode (kimomo for married/mature ladies)£150-
・Shiro-muku, uchi-kake (pure white bride kimomo)£500-
・Bride Kimono train£350-500
・Men's Haori Hakama (Men's formal Kimono)£200-
Kimono Dressing£50-200
Transport cost£10-
Long distance, early morning preparations£50-

  • 着物袴
  • 紋付き袴

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A day out in Kimono!!

Kimono rental & Kimono dressing service /
Kimono + Kimono dressing:

*No home visit dressing service.
*Optional pricing for bags, traditional Japanese shoes and socks.