Guide to Photo Shoot

We will introduce you to an experienced Japanese or English photographer in the UK.
The flow of shooting is as follows.

Shooting flow

  1. Please email

  2. Information on Kimono
    If you let us know in advance which colour of kimono you prefer, we will show you images and you can choose 2 or 3 kimonos in total.
    We will prepare the kimono you have chosen for you on the day of your wedding.
    If you send us pictures of the hair style you would like, we will try to match your request.

  3. Information on Photographers
    We will introduce you to photographer.
    You contact the photographer directly and set up a date (2 or 3 potential shooting days).
    Once you have made an appointment, you may contact Kimonodego again.
    *Payment is not included.

  4. Payment
    Payment can be made by bank transfer or card the day before the shoot.

  5. Shooting day
    On the day of the shoot, the shoot will take place at the studio in Kimonodego (travel to the studio is also possible).
    1 to 1 and a half hours for preparation of the child alone.
    If the child and mother need to be prepared, please allow 2 and a half - 3 hours.
    We also recommend that children aged 3 and under are prepared in the morning.

・If you wish to have a trial fitting in advance
1hr   £20 consultancy fee.

*If you would like to specify a specific time, we recommend booking as early as possible.
*Please email us to make a booking. We can arrange a photographer for you.
*Photographers can be assigned to the location of your choice.
*Shooting £200 and up (please note that each photographer's prices and conditions will vary, starting from the shoot).

・The kimono is returned on the same day.
This photography service is proposed to save time and minimise the risk of staining the kimono.
(It is said that it is better to take care of the kimono as soon as possible after wearing it).
We look forward to your understanding and look forward to your appointment.