Shichi-Go-San (7,5,3) and
coming-of-age ceremony Photoshoots

Shichi-Go-San (7,5,3), coming-of-age ceremony, pre-wedding shoots, graduation ceremonies.
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・Shichi-Go-San (7,5,3), Coming-of-Age Ceremony Costume-only photo shoot rental

3 years old :  £200-   Kimono rental, dressing and hair included
5 years old :  £200-   Kimono rental, dressing and hair (boys)
7 years old :  £250-   Kimono rental, dressing and hair included
Shichi-Go-San (7,5,3) kimono, dressing and hair :  £70-150

20 years old :  £350   Kimono hire, dressing and hair included

Parents :  £200   Kimono hire, dressing and hair up
Siblings :  £150

Party offers are as it is


Shichi-Go-San (7,5,3) in Japan is held every year on 15 November in many parts of Japan.
Why is it held on 15 November? There are various theories as to why it is held on 15 November, but one theory is that during the Edo period (1603-) the 15th was considered to be a good day, and that during the harvest season in November, there were many festivals to thank the local deity for the harvest, and at the same time it was customary to pray for the growth of the child. It is also thought that the custom of praying for the growth of children may have developed at the same time.

Other theories include that 3 + 5 + 7 add up to 15 (days), or that the celebration of the birth of Tokumatsu, the son of Tokugawa Shogun Tsunayoshi, was held on 15 November. The parents' feelings of celebration for their children's growth have not changed over the ages.

In the UK, location shoots around 15 November are often cancelled due to wet weather, considering the weather conditions.
If you want to shoot in the UK with a scenic backdrop and memories of the UK, we recommend March to September.

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