Kimono Rental

We have a selection of Kimono : Uchikake, Furisode, Houmon-gi, Tsukesage, Komon, Shichigosan etc.
You can choose the type of kimono at our office prior to the day of the rental but for those who cannot attend the pre advice session,you can have email correspondence with us.

Please browse the various styles of Obi ties(the belts)

Rental Prices

  • Komon
  • Houmongi
  • Furisode
  • From £50
  • From £100
  • From £150

Prices include the lining ,under garments and footware.
Rental period : 4 days
Deposit : GBP50.00

*We offer Kimono for men as well.
Please inquire.

Kimono Dress

Made to measure dress using kimono material.
Ideal for parties and special occasions.

Traditional Japanese style wigs

We also have traditional Japanese style wigs available.